Operations Management Platform

It's about time to start managing operations in a dedicated platform

PAS is a modern platform built to manage operations , allowing you to move from an outdated siloes to a highly integrated, secure and easy to use solution

A Complete Solution to Process Management

Pro-Active Field Management Using a Detailed yet Easy-to-Use Experience

PAS enables real-time workflow management for critical EHS&Q processes


A Variety of Capabilities in a Fully Integrated Package

What can PAS do for you?

A 360° Saftey Management Plan

The solution includes a dedicated process template that easily builds and updates the safety plan, defines goals and performs monitoring and control


The system allows the safety supervisor to set up customised dedicated tests and workflows. For example: Risk Surveys, JSA, Contractor Surveys, Equipment Tests, and additional topics defined as part of the Safety Plan

Automated Safety Comittee

The system allows one to manage the summons to the committee, prepare summaries and create protocols, set tasks and monitor their implementation

Near Miss Reporting

Manage the entire process from initial reporting to the completion of a full investigation. Includes task setup, monitoring and control to prevent recurring accidents.

Hazard and employee engagement management

The system enables field reporting on hazards using mobile phone connected directly to the relevant office holders. It also enables monitoring of treatment execution, hazard removal and further accident prevention

Task Management and Alerts Notification

The system allows one to define tasks, associate with a specific role, and track task progress

Solving Real-World Problems

All the Tools in One Solution

Unique Capabilities Adopted to Organisational Needs

Through friendly work interfaces, connection to the area and an integrated management screen and PAS designations connect managers and employees who are engaged in safety.

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At HB-Innovation, we have taken our sister company, HB-Safety, 30 years of knowledge, experience, reputation and professionalism and translated them into an innovative, powerful and easy to use system that can be used by everyone and everywhere – the PAS Platform

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