Features & Services

With PAS installed, managers and employees engaged in safety are equipped with a multifaceted but easy-to-use set of tools designed to support a variety of organisational needs following an extremely short deployment cycle

Costs Reduction

Switching from manual forms and Excel files to a fast, accessible digital world

Improving organisational efficiency

Reducing the time needed from problem definition to implementing a solution that integrates monitoring and process control

Saving organisational knowledge

Moving from manual, form-based processes to automated processes allowing to create "corporate memory" built for fast retrieval and real-time decision making.

Quick and easy assimilation

Implementation process from defining needs until actual work begins requires only several days

Flexible Pricing

The system enables modular implementation, allowing adaptation of the cost structure to actual company's needs

Safeguarding human resources

Keeping employees safe through detecting hazards, reporting, and taking prompt corrective actions

System Architecure

Connecting the Mobile User

Information Flow & Management Interface

Continuous Improvement & Performance Excellence

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